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Watch Your Sales Grow

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Each weekly module guides your team through a plan that will improve their overall sales skills. This dynamic sales training program covers all the necessary behaviors needed to close more sales. Weekly practice exercises will provide your team the opportunity to reinforce the training they received from each module. Say goodbye to the “be-back bus”!

Increase Your Product Knowledge

Product Knowledge

Product knowledge will be delivered in a manner that teaches your sales team features and benefits that can be used during the sales process. It is important that product knowledge is provided in a manner that can be used to close more sales as opposed to being used for a lecture at the local museum. Plus we’ll feature product that is “In style” and price pointed items you need in your store to achieve a great inventory turn.

Improve Store Management

Store Management

Modules will cover important strategies such as goal setting, moving aged inventory and improving your store appearance both inside and out. Fantastic marketing advice will be provided, advice your whole team can use to promote your store.

Store Meetings Will:

  • Increase your sales
  • Develop your staff
  • Save you a great amount of time and money

We’ll Do All The Work

  • Meetings are crafted according to your needs
  • Training modules are provided that the staff can view together or separately
  • Meeting notes are provided
  • Meeting quizzes are provided