Owning Bridal in Your Market – Part 1

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Welcome to the first installment of our web show. In this episode I show you how you can own bridal in your market. I’m going to take you through the entire process of expanding your sales of diamond engagement rings. This is only part 1, so stay tuned for even more good stuff.

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Social media done right

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We all need to be on Facebook… right? Well I’m here to tell you that Facebook is for friends and if you’re thinking you’re going to advertise your way to a ton of friends then cancel your account. You MUST interact with people like a friend, anything else is like your buddy from college calling you up out of the blue to get together and discuss Amway.

I’ve got the solution for you. Tony, Sean and I started to develop a video series for jewelers to post on their walls or distribute however they see fit. It is a collection of fun, interesting and useful videos that are 3 minutes or less. This is content that will be useful to your “friends” and they will appreciate watching them.

The first two are “Advice from the jewelry expert”. The series will be a mixture of jewelry expert and funny or informative videos. Take a look.

Give me a call or email me if you’re interested in these. Your videos will include your logo in the lower corner and a logo tag as pictured.

Do you own BRIDAL in your market?

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How good would life be if you sold double the bridal you currently sell? How about three or four times the amount?

Who owns the word DIAMONDS or BRIDAL in your market?

Two scenarios exist here. Either someone owns bridal OR someone just happens to own it by default because nobody is going after it.

I know how to do it and will teach you.

Park from Creative Edge Productions on Vimeo.

Coming real soon is my video series on how to own bridal in your market (or at least be number 2). If you absolutely can’t wait, call or email me and we’ll chat. I expect the series to start in October.


You ARE buying gold, right?

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I hope you’re not afraid to buy gold, diamonds, coins and flatware. Many jewelers are. Here’s why;

1. I can’t see myself offering pennies on the dollar for jewelry I sold years ago.

2. I’m afraid I would insult my good customers.

3. I’m not exactly sure how to do it.

4. I don’t trust my staff to do it right.

5. We’re an upscale jeweler. It would make us look cheesy, like a pawn shop.

6. I don’t have the liquid cash to pay for scrap.

7. There are too many places in town doing it already.

8. I don’t want that type of customer in my store.

9. We don’t know coins.

10. There are more reasons, but this is a pretty good start. I had to make it to 10.

I’m here today as God is my witness begging you, PLEASE DO IT! There isn’t a jeweler I know that buys gold who regrets that decision. It is an amazing financial boost to your business and creates another entire stream of traffic with which to convert to sales or repairs.

The short answers to the excuses above;

1. You’d be absolutely amazed at the number of YOUR customers who are selling the gold they bought in your store to the guys down the street. That’s right, YOUR GOOD CUSTOMERS!

2. When you explain to them that you are simply recycling the gold and refining it, they’ll understand. Tell them the price you are now paying is the scrap price. If an item is in great shape, recommend they keep it or trade it in on another piece of jewelry. Give THEM the chance to say “Oh.. no that’s fine. I just wanna get rid of it.” Also, remember the trade up. You can offer more if they take an in-store credit. Hey, now we have an opportunity to sell jewelry and look like a hero!

3. I’ll teach you. Other jewelers will teach you. Just ask the question at the bar at your next jewelry show. You’d be amazed what you can learn when you buy someone a drink.

4. If you don’t trust your staff to do it right, why are you trusting them with your inventory every day? They can learn. It’s easy.

5. This would simply be an additional service you offer, just like repairs, appraisals and jewelry cleaning. Your customers will appreciate coming to and trusting YOU rather than the kids in polo shirts down the street.

6. Find the cash. You’ll be able to turn those dollars into keystone or better profit in days. If you have to, scrap some of those pieces that have been sitting in your cases for 5 years. There! Instant cash.

7. But YOUR customers want to come to YOU.

8. Your store has a presence and will attract to it customers fitting of that presence. Plus, if someone comes in that doesn’t look like “your typical” customer, it gives you an opportunity to train your staff about not judging customers. Ask me sometime about the potato farmer with muddy boots and overalls who bought the $50k diamond for cash.

9. Coins can be simpler than jewelry and other metals because they are known format. You just need to learn how to spot the fakes. Buy a coin guy lunch at Applebee’s and he’ll tell you more than you want to know.

If you’re not buying gold and want to get started, call me. I’ll teach you how to do it very profitably for the cost of a Stuller, 14k, 7mm comfort fit band, size 10.

Go buy some gold!

The best 18 Minutes and 5 Seconds you’ll spend this week

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Why doesn’t everybody own a Tivo? It’s the best DVR out there and they were the first to hit the market. In this video, Simon Sinek tells us why. I’ll give you a hint, it’s all in the message.

It’s time for your business to go deeper and win more customers!

Whatever you’re doing for the next 18 minutes and 5 seconds, it’s not as important as this video, unless of course a customer needs you or a family member has a severed limb. In that case, go take care of that and THEN come back and watch this video. Thanks Mark Garcia!

What can I do to get people to come in and buy TODAY?

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That’s always a big question with jewelers. Let me start by asking you this; What can I say or offer to you to get you to buy a new set of tires today? If you need tires right now, all I have to do is make you a fair offer and you’ll probably bite. However, if you do not need tires right now, I’d practically have to GIVE them to you, wouldn’t I?

It’s the same way with jewelers. You have to pretty much give the farm away in order to create a jewelry-buying event in customer’s lives. And then you have to ask, what’s the melt price? Now you’re probably much further ahead boxing up that old jewelry and sending it off to the refiner rather than putting out the cost of advertising for a so-so sales event.

The reality is this. Trying to create a jewelry-buying event in people’s lives is difficult and expensive. Wouldn’t you rather just wonderfully market yourself to everyone all the time so that when THEY are ready to buy, they think of you and come in? Sounds like smarter and cheaper marketing to me.

Now, if you HAVE TO have an event or sale, the keys to success are infrequent (once a year or less), and extraordinary. What I mean here is to have an event that customers wouldn’t expect from you. Say you’re a high-end jeweler and you’re having a close-out sale. Get that jewelry in the cheapest boxes you can with big, gaudy price tags on them. Make it look like a rummage sale. Cover your windows with paper and big colorful signs. It will create a “bottom feeder” excitement AND you’ll get rid of a lot of jewelry.

Finally, if you’re going to have a non-sale event such as a trunk show or anniversary party, make it big and fabulous. Have the party for party’s sake. Anything less will look contrived and customers will smell it 5 miles away. Don’t bring in the cheese and cracker platter from the local discount shopping club. Bring in the good stuff that local people made. And create goody bags with really nice items in them, not $10 off a massage or manicure coupons. The more you show how much you care with your party, the bigger and bigger your consecutive events will be.

Refreshing Gold Buying Ads

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Gold buying ads. You’ve seen them, I’ve seen them. What do they usually look like? Piles of gold jewelry and fists full of cash…but do you really want your jewelry store to come across like a cash advance store? I think you’re a bit more classy than that.

Here is a refreshing take on gold buying ads. We have been working on our own gold buy ads for a few months now but we didn’t want to produce the same ol’ ad showing a gob of gold jewelry…. boring. We made some ads that relate to real people with that box or drawer filled with stuff they’re never going to wear again.

Check out one of them below and the rest here.

Let me know what you want

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Send me a message about what you’d like to change or fix in your marketing. I’ll address it in a weekly video or post. Seriously… I will.

A bad print ad and a not-so-bad one

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Jason Druxman at Avenue Jewelers is my buddy and a great marketer. He won’t mind me using him as my guinea pig (or guinea stud). At the IJO show in Tampa a few years back, I gave a talk and showed the group a bad print ad and a good one.

The first ad tries to get everything in there including the kitchen sink. The conventional way of thinking here is that people will need ALL these details (like they’re gonna remember it all or better yet, write it down on their refrigerator dry erase board). They throw in the credit card info, the store hours, the fax number (who uses faxes anymore?), and my favorite thing of all…. QUALITY, COMMITTED, DEVOTED! These are nice words that sound good to the writer but nobody else gives two hoots about them. This ad is so copy heavy and filled with blah, blah, blah, it will NEVER catch the reader’s eye.

Now the second ad, a big bold headline. A headline that says something interesting. It makes the reader stop and think, “What?” And then they read the rest of the interesting and limited copy. Again, something interesting. More interesting than the rest of the ads touting ONE DAY ONLY!!!! Some may feel this copy is a little gutsy, but if you knew Jason, you’d know that this is HIM. It’s HIS personality. Now we’re BRANDING something, and it’s not the brands he carries in the store. It’s JASON. Yay! Also, Jason lost the suit, the title and now looks more like you would see him in the store. It doesn’t hurt to have great photography either. This ad is clean, easy to read and most of all evokes the comfortable feeling that completely matches what you feel when you walk into Avenue Jewelers. Thanks Jason for being my guinea stud.

Now, go forth and put some real thought into your print ads. Decide what ONE point you want to get across and scream it from the mountaintops. Or at least the paper.


It’s time for your jewelry store to go to the next level.

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So many independent jewelers today are marketing and merchandising by the seat of their pants. They plan their advertising when the media rep walks in the door. In today’s market, these are the types of jewelers who will soon be holding G.O.B. sales. My goal for this website is to give jewelers a WEEKLY marketing class to enable you to go against the BIG DOGS and to give you marketing tips and great ads so your business will explode!

Coming soon, you will see a 5 to 10 minute video each week discussing various jewelry marketing facets. It’s completely free. All you will need to do is sign up to receive notice via email every week that a new video is posted. These videos will be MEATY and will give you jewelry marketing tips that will make your competition wonder what the heck you’re doing…. and why are there so many customers going through your door???

My first video will be huge. HOW TO OWN THE BRIDAL MARKET IN YOUR TOWN. How many engagement rings are you selling per week? 1? 5? Imagine what could happen to your business if it doubled or tripled?

Yahoo! Here we go!