You ARE buying gold, right?

I hope you’re not afraid to buy gold, diamonds, coins and flatware. Many jewelers are. Here’s why; 1. I can’t see myself offering pennies on the dollar for jewelry I sold years ago. 2. I’m afraid I would insult my good customers. 3. I’m not exactly sure how to do it. 4. I don’t trust my staff to do it right. 5. We’re an upscale jeweler. It would make us look cheesy, like a pawn shop. 6. I don’t have …

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The best 18 Minutes and 5 Seconds you’ll spend this week

Why doesn’t everybody own a Tivo? It’s the best DVR out there and they were the first to hit the market. In this video, Simon Sinek tells us why. I’ll give you a hint, it’s all in the message. It’s time for your business to go deeper and win more customers! Whatever you’re doing for the next 18 minutes and 5 seconds, it’s not as important as this video, unless of course a customer needs you or a family member …

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What can I do to get people to come in and buy TODAY?

That’s always a big question with jewelers. Let me start by asking you this; What can I say or offer to you to get you to buy a new set of tires today? If you need tires right now, all I have to do is make you a fair offer and you’ll probably bite. However, if you do not need tires right now, I’d practically have to GIVE them to you, wouldn’t I? It’s the same way with jewelers. You …

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Refreshing Gold Buying Ads

Gold buying ads. You’ve seen them, I’ve seen them. What do they usually look like? Piles of gold jewelry and fists full of cash…but do you really want your jewelry store to come across like a cash advance store? I think you’re a bit more classy than that. Here is a refreshing take on gold buying ads. We have been working on our own gold buy ads for a few months now but we didn’t want to produce the same …

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Let me know what you want

Send me a message about what you’d like to change or fix in your marketing. I’ll address it in a weekly video or post. Seriously… I will.

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A bad print ad and a not-so-bad one

Jason Druxman at Avenue Jewelers is my buddy and a great marketer. He won’t mind me using him as my guinea pig (or guinea stud). At the IJO show in Tampa a few years back, I gave a talk and showed the group a bad print ad and a good one. The first ad tries to get everything in there including the kitchen sink. The conventional way of thinking here is that people will need ALL these details (like they’re …

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It’s time for your jewelry store to go to the next level.

So many independent jewelers today are marketing and merchandising by the seat of their pants. They plan their advertising when the media rep walks in the door. In today’s market, these are the types of jewelers who will soon be holding G.O.B. sales. My goal for this website is to give jewelers a WEEKLY marketing class to enable you to go against the BIG DOGS and to give you marketing tips and great ads so your business will explode! Coming …

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