How to ensure your big spenders return this Christmas

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Any smart jeweler understands that their top 100 customers are the bulk of their annual sales, especially at Christmas time. You definitely want them in your store in the next 4 months and here’s a proven way to get them in.

 Give a gift with no strings attached purely for appreciation. What company does that anymore? Nobody! And that’s what will make YOU stand out this Christmas season. You can touch each of these people very affectively by mailing them a 24K plated ornament. I’ve done this and it works wonders. We’ve included and very nice printed and personalized card (hand signed) and had it delivered the week before Thanksgiving. The result was top-of-mind awareness, goodwill, thank-you phones calls and notes and many nice sales. You can mail them out for about $12 to $16 each and the 24K Rose Company has thought through all of the packaging, personalized ribbon and note of authentication. They have several options from mistletoe to pine cones to holly leaves. This year they’re featuring a starfish calling it the Christmas Star. With each star sold they are donating to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

So get on your computer and make your VIP list. Then give Greg a call at the 24 Karat Rose Company. They’ll take care of everything for you and you’ll have begun a fantastic Christmas tradition of giving from the heart and returning raving fans.

Limited Time Offer: Get a week of FREE Store Meeting Videos

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You couldn’t run your store without a good POS system and the right inventory in your cases. You SHOULDN’T run your store without regular weekly training. You really need to see this; a weekly store training video that lasts about 15 minutes with assisted notes and a quiz.

We discuss everything from clientelling to closing the sale and we do it in a way that creates interaction with your team. It can be viewed by the entire team in a meeting or individually if it’s difficult to get everyone together. This service is $149 a month. Yes, you read that correctly. You can train your staff for less than $2,000 a year.

I’m giving the first week free as a test drive. You’ll have access to all previous Store Meetings too.  If you don’t like it, you can cancel at any time. If you DO like it, you’ll be on your way to staff that is fully trained to grow your store and close more sales.  This limited time offer ends 8/31/12.

As a jewelry store manager for over 15 years, I’ve been looking for a solution to the problem of a great sales meeting turning into life-as-usual a week later. I realized in order for training to sink in it needs to be consistent, convenient, positive, concise and interactive. I’ve created that here. You’ll love it. I promise.

CLICK HERE to get your free week of Store Meetings!

An event that REALLY pays

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Perhaps I’ve said a time or two before that I’m not crazy about special events, mainly because I see very few that really work. But I found one that is really quite amazing. My friend Nick Failla at Collected Concepts has developed one that can actually produce up to 10% of your annual sales in just one weekend. He calls it the Kiss and Tell Event and he will be the first one to tell you that it wasn’t solely his idea. He did it with a little help from Andy Koehn in West Bend Wisconsin.

The Kiss and Tell Event requires no advertising, only some sweat equity from your team beginning 6 weeks before the event and it re-ignites clients that you haven’t seen in awhile. On the Kiss and Tell weekend you will move both old and new product and YOU determine what the price will be based upon factors such as how many appointments were made, how old the piece is, how they are paying for it etc.

Here’s the fun part. Nick says you should do this event during your slowest month of the year. Now I’ve talked to jewelers that have done one and the lowest gross amount was about $35,000. OK Nick, I’m sold. I’m now a special events guy. Oh but there is one catch. You HAVE to follow the recipe precisely. You can learn more about Kiss and Tell from the man himself at

Who is gonna make it? We’ll find out, in the long run.

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The Eagles and Sharon’s jewelry store

Sharon has a nice jewelry store in the Midwest. She’s currently doing $700k in volume but she’s wanted to break that million-dollar mark since day one. She’s been stuck for years, going to trade shows, listening to the latest, greatest speakers on the new trendy ways to get more customers. She signs up for a few new things and a year later, it’s business-as-usual only she’s spent more marketing money. Then, to top things off with a cherry, she drives by her competition on the way home every night and there are 4 or more different cars in their parking lot every time.

Sharon needs is a marketing plan that will work, one that will have a great ROI over THE LONG RUN. She’s always looking for the quick fix, the silver bullet, the panacea. I assure you, there is none. It takes planning, budgeting, creativity and patience.

Don’t be Sharon. Right now, print this out. Run over to a coffee shop and find a table where you won’t be bothered and ponder these questions: Bring a pen. You’ve got some writing to do.

1. What am I good at? What do I do better than anyone else in town?
2. If I told a hundred people about my answer to #1 and they came into my store, could my staff and my product deliver on what I just told those people?
3. How big will my market allow me to grow?
4. How can I communicate with my existing and new customers in a way that they will think of me when they have a jewelry-buying event in their life?
5. How can I do this all within my budget without borrowing money?
6. Do I have the patience and fortitude to stick with my plan for entire year?
7. How will I judge my results? How will I measure success?

If you’ve answered these, or at least figured out that you need help, you’re much further ahead than Sharon is. She still thinks her store is going to grow by continuing to do what she’s done forever. That’s actually pretty sad.

Who is gonna make it? We’ll find out, in the long run.
I know we can take it, if our love, is a strong one.

The Worst Store Meeting Ever

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Courtesy of

The owner of the store berated her staff, threatening and complaining that the other jewelers in town were kicking their butts. “There better be some changes around here and fast or people are gonna be losing their jobs!” Everyone got up from the meeting and went out on the sales floor all fired up to have a great day in sales. NOT!

You can’t threaten people to sell better. Think about it. Selling involves confidence, optimism, encouragement, teamwork, and happy people. When they’re happy they sell better, MUCH better. You need ongoing training of behaviors. This in turn will improve everything. For example, Sonjia has a low closing ratio. Everyone else in the store is at 40% but she is stuck at 20%. Sonjia is not dumb, nor is she a bad person; she simply has a confidence problem when it comes to closing because she is a softhearted woman. If she would simply change just a few words in her presentation… BAM! Her closing could go through the roof.

Nick Failla of Collected Concepts and I have developed a weekly video store meeting to help train proven behaviors from the most successful jewelry stores in America. You simply click on PLAY each week (we send you a video meeting every weekend) and show your staff. They learn, have fun, grow and sell more, a lot more. If the staff can’t watch it together, they can watch it on their own time on their laptops or phones. Each meeting comes with assisted notes and a quiz, so you know everyone is getting the training. Check out these weekly meetings and start a training regime that will put your staff on the road to great success in sales. No more negative store meetings.

It was their best Christmas ever!

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I don’t know Steve and Carol Sturhahn but I will someday. They pulled off a fantastic celebration of their 100th year anniversary by giving away 100 pieces of jewelry (100 Acts of Kindness) to random people in Quincy Illinois.

Steve wanted to make a big splash and his goal was to thank the community for their business over the years. He knew these acts of kindness would return back to him many times over in community goodwill, and it did! There were touching stories almost every day of people who just lost a loved one, diagnosed with cancer or were just in need of a lift. Read more


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The biggest waste of money that I see with jewelers’ advertising is spreading their dollars over too many mediums and not dominating any of them. Actually the BIGGEST waste I see is jewelers who are guilted into charitable contributions (either money or product) that do not provide a good ROI,  But that’s for another post.

Whatever you do in marketing, OWN IT. If you can’t own it, don’t do it. The biggest frustration for marketing professionals is when jewelers say, “I tried TV and it doesn’t work!”. Oh really? when and where were you on? “Well, it was for a few weeks just before Christmas last year!” Oh, so you decided to jump into the biggest, deepest, most expensive advertising pond of the year with a locally produced, cheap ad when all the other independents AND the nationals decide to jump in. Not a smart investment.

Better to choose an audience and own them ALL YEAR LONG. It would be much more prudent to buy what you could afford (let’s say for example Seinfeld on cable), and own the 15,000 people in your market that watch that show. That way you’ll reach a nicely sized audience with the proper frequency rather than trying to reach the whole world with none. You want to talk to 1,000 people 100 times rather than talk to a million people 10 times.

Frequency is powerful. Never go into a medium without the right amount of it.

How to make your ads INSTANTLY work better

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There is a gatekeeper in our brains. He’s there to ward off and ignore any boring, repetitive, useless messages. As soon as he encounters ad-speak, cliché or useless phrases he sticks them with a pitchfork and throws them right off into the burning pile of rubbish of advertising messages that go blah blah blah.

The gatekeeper is Broca’s Area and once you get to know him, he can be your friend and will let you pass into the area of the brain that allows for deeper thought and future action, such as coming into your jewelry store. The password to get past Broca’s Area is the answer to the question in anybody’s mind….. “WHO CARES?”

The next time you’re going to craft an advertising message, put yourself in the customer’s shoes and answer that question. If your opening thought (most important) and the rest of your message can answer that, then you’re in business. Here are some examples of what will get tossed out rendering your ad useless:

1. “Hi, I’m Jim DeGroot of J Gerard Jewelers.” Who cares? Boring! I should call Mark to book our tee time.
2. “Mother’s Day is coming soon.” Duh, that’s what the last ten ads for everything just said. Please insult me more by reminding me of something I already know.
3. “Looking for a diamond? Well look no further!” Yeah as a matter of fact I was! I’m sure glad your ad came on and saved the day. I never even heard of Google and was wondering how I was going to find a jewelry store.

Here are some ideas to get past Broca

1. “There used to be a wonderful thing in this world called the family jeweler. They were trusted to sell and repair all you’re your family’s jewelry, just like your family doctor and dentist.”
2. “For years she’s been thinking about getting a mother’s ring. She just hasn’t told you.”
3. “You know you’re going to need a diamond ring sooner or later. Whether you just fell in love, or you’ve been married for years”

Make your opening line answer the question “Who Cares?” and you will get past the gatekeeper and begin to win the love of your customers and prospects. Your ads will instantly rise to the top of all the piles of advertising nonsense that’s out there.

A Touching Mother’s Day TV Spot

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Here is a wonderfully emotional TV spot that we created for Mother’s Day. This ad will tug at the heartstrings of your customers. Feel free to buy it directly from our website below. The price is $799 and you OWN the ad for a full year! We will customize it with your logo and tag line and deliver to your TV station. Happy Mother’s Day!

See this ad and other emotionally compelling spots at Creative Edge Ads.

Owning Bridal in Your Market – Part 3

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Here is my latest post on how you can own the diamond market in your town.  If somebody already is the diamond king… perhaps being number 2 or 3 wouldn’t be to bad.  Or how about doubling your bridal sales.


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