How to use jewelry polishing cloths in your sales presentation

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Proper use of jewelry cloths can be a great sales tool. Here’s how and why you should use them in every sales presentation and have them as part of your jewelry selling tool kit.

What are you saying?

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ABC Jewelry Store

A nicely dressed man stops you on the way out of the cafe and says that he recognizes you as the owner of the jewelry store. He asks “Why should I come to your jewelry store?” Do you immediately have a good answer for him? One that won’t sound like a ho-hum, pc response?

Great marketing messages aren’t just for Tiffany’s and Zales. In fact the message means so much more coming from a local, independent jeweler. The sincerity level is so much higher. Think about this statement: “We want to be the jeweler for your life’s moments.” You can pull this off so much better than Big National Jeweler. If you don’t know what you’d say to that man in the cafe, take some time right now to think about what your message is. Here’s a few questions to get your juices flowing:

1. What do you do better than anyone else in town (SERVICE cannot be your answer unless your service is truly amazing)?
2. What’s your story? How did you come into this business?
3. What product do you have that nobody else has?
4. Why are your people special?
5. Why are you in the jewelry business? What keeps you in?
6. What does your competition do that you don’t?
7. Where do you buy your jewelry?
8. What line, item and price point do you sell the most of?

Answering these questions will help you develop that branding statement. And when you come up with it, make a promise that you’ll somehow use this brand positioning statement in all of your future marketing. Whether it’s a slogan or just a good solid message, consistency in using it will increase your marketing effectiveness.

If you want to develop a great marketing program and could use a little professional help, I’m available to come to your store and develop it with you. I’ll visit your competition, analyse your market, staff and inventory. I’ll do surveys and create an effective program for long-term growth. Give me a call at 920-492-1191 or for more details. There’s still time to get this done before your Valentine season.

This year’s Christmas winners (the preliminary results)

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George Prout lives in the sweet spot for picking out jewelry that will sell like crazy. He’s a head honcho at Gems One and they’ve been extremely successful with their Christmas and Black Friday flyers. So this morning I asked him what the hot items are for this Christmas. Here’s his report copied directly from his email.

  • Colored diamonds…HUGE!!!
  • Infinity symbol (Tiffany)
  • Bows
  • Sideways cross
  • Freshwater Pearls
  • Plated bronze…expect this to be what rejuvinates the yellow gold color
  • Gift-with-purchase promotions

There’s still time for you to get these pieces on your order before Christmas. Here’s to you selling tons!

Oh, by the way, you can get me in your store this winter to do a market analysis, shop the competition and develop a killer marketing plan that will grow your business. Contact me for my game plan at

Isn’t it time to finally get a plan in place to take your business where you’ve always dreamed it could go?

This is me in a store smiling at the camera.

Using counter pads and trays are important to your sales

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A wonderful selling tool is right at your fingertips or probably under your jewelry cases.  Here’s a quick video about the importance of using a counter pad or tray in your presentations.

Emotion Emotion Emotion!

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Get away from emotion in both your marketing and your sales presentations and you’re now dealing with metal, rocks and a price.  This morning I woke up to this wonderful ad during Good Morning America and had to share it with you.  It’s a beautiful ad that I wish I had written myself, but it is a fantastic testament to why it’s important to focus on emotion.  Please, if you do nothing else new in your marketing or sales, focus on emotion.  It’s what people are buying.  Focus on details other than emotion and now you’re just another business card in a wallet with writing on the back.

You can order your own emotionally-based TV ads right here.  Also, we’ll soon be adding more including a great Valentine’s Day ad. Visit  Creative Edge Ads

What you can STILL do this week to make Christmas great

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Typically we all start freaking out between now and December 10th wondering “Where the heck is everybody?” Here’s a quick trick to help get “everybody” in this Christmas.  Grab a report of your top customers and get on the phone inviting them to come in to fill out her wish list. Offer them an incentive such as a nice gift, a gift card or a very special holiday treat or beverage.  Make appointments for them to come in and visit. When they get there, make your store a relaxing haven from the bustle of the holidays. You do this with your attitude, décor, music and pressure-free culture. Take great notes, but remember, have fun with her. Your goal is to develop your relationship.  After she’s gone, get on the phone, email or mail her sweetheart. Let him know that you’ve got Christmas in the bag for him. Let him know that when he stops in to pick up her gift at your store, she will be extremely happy.

Your staff can start this right now and get an extra hundred people in your store that otherwise may have passed you by this year.

• Remember to sell with EMOTION
• Impress upon men that buying at your store will get him the RESPONSE he’s looking for when she opens that gift
• Capture those EMAIL ADDRESSES
• Men in general want to be TOLD what will be a hit with her
• Make your advertising EMOTIONAL
• Tie in Emotion with a magical PRICE POINTED ITEM

Get your last minute emotionally-drive tv ads at

Start planning now for a marketing plan that will grow your business once and for all.  The Jewelry Marketing Guy is now making appointments to do your competition shopping, market analysis and create an effective, long-term marketing plan for your store.  Call Jimmy at 920-492-1191 or for your winter 2013 consultation.

The power of EMOTION and PRICE POINTS in your ads

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You’ll notice that around Christmastime the chain store TV ads are both emotional and price-point driven.  They’re extremely effective because they tug at heartstrings but also promote the price friendliness of the jeweler.  Watch this ad.

Fun Bridal Ad from Creative Edge Productions on Vimeo.

Here is what goes through the viewer’s mind:
“Hhhmmm, that’s exactly what I want my girl to feel like.  I guess I should give her jewelry if it will give me THAT kind of reaction.  Oh cool, it looks like I can actually afford the kind of jewelry that will give me that reaction.  I’ll swing into John Laughter Jewelry.”

This is exactly the type of response we’re looking for.  The result may not be that people come in and buy a hundred of these rings from John (although he may sell several of them), but rather that people get an emotional connection and understand that they can feel free to go into John’s jewelry store as comfortably as passing by a chain store in the mall.

One last benefit is that getting people through your doors is actually a rehearsal for future visits such as bridal and anniversary.  You’ve now trained them early to become a lifetime customer.

You can have purchase this and other emotionally driven ads at

How to make an easy TWENTY GRAND this Christmas Meeting 1015-20

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Welcome to a special FREE Store Meeting!

This week’s training video features special guest is David Geller,  As part of our Maximize Christmas David shows us a simple customer service technique that will add an easy twenty grand (if not more) to your bottom line.  It costs nothing and it’s done with customers that will already walking through your doors… for repairs.

If you’re not already, sign up now for our weekly Store Meetings.

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A very profitable lesson from the chain stores

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Go to the mall and grab a flyer off any jewelry counter you see and you will have done more for the profitability of your business than most jewelers do all year long.

Think about it.  The chain jewelry stores have poured oodles into figuring out just exactly what consumers will by buying by the THOUSANDS this Christmas.  Every item the right style and the right price point.  They’ve got it down to a science.  Because let’s face it, if their buyers get the wrong item at the wrong price point and it happens to sit around?  That’s millions of dollars shot and hell to pay.

So you can learn a lot from them by finding pieces from your vendors that you can promote at the same price points.  The selling price is crucial.  If you have a heart pendant that Kay’s is selling for $59 and decide to sell it for $89, you’ll have plenty sitting around in March.  Price, style and marketing are key.  Your only job is to make sure the quality is at a tolerable level for your store to sell.  But also keep in mind that we’re talking about selling multiple quantities and making a lovely profit.

One final important detail about this practice is that you are training customers to come into YOUR store for jewelry.  If we get them in buying these price pointed items, they’ll fall in love with you and be back for the engagement ring, the anniversary ring, the promise ring, the diamond studs, the birthday watch and on and on and on.

It’s time to Maximize your Christmas!

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A frightening number of jewelers leave thousands of dollars on the counter every Christmas season because their staffs are not fully trained.  For the next three months our store meetings are going to be a sales bootcamp to make sure your staff knows how to do turnovers, clientelling, team selling, add-on sales, time management and other great selling skills.  Imagine what your profits would look like if we closed just two more sales out of ten OR if we increased the average number of items on a ticket.  Watch this 2 minute video and have a very merry Christmas!

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