NOW is the time to get your jewelry store on YouTube

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I could fill this post with tons of words to try and describe how important it is to market to the tablet and smartphone generation, but this picture says it all.

Pope Slide

PLEASE consider utilizing videos of your store on You Tube. I’ll be happy to help you make great ones. If there is enough interest,  I’ll create a how-to video outlining the exact steps you need to take to create awesome videos for your store that WILL be viewed including what to say on them. Let’s get going on this.  No jewelers are doing it and the market is YOURS to take…. AND ITS FREE!!!!

Jimmy   920-492-1191

PS: I can also come to your store and make a ton of videos, edit them and then release them every week for for you.      Let’s talk. 🙂

Financing grows your bridal sales

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Many independent jewelers overlook the importance of including financing as part of the sales presentation. In the stores across the country that are selling bridal like gangbusters, they have an eloquent way including financing options in every sales presentation.

Getting more out of your Samples & Live Catalog

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Recently I posted a question to you all about your sample lines. Some of you love them, some of you hate them and want nothing to do with them and yet others have them but have no activity. Here is a short video highlighting the 7 points you told me are important to you in making these lines fly out the door.

FREE Store Training Video – Learn valuable people skills for your sales team

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FriendsDue to the overwhelming popularity of this week’s store training video, we’ve decided to make it available to everyone! Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People is the bible of people skills. This store training video discusses several key topics from this popular book and how they can relate to your staff and your store. You’ll be glad your staff watched this video.

This  is part of our weekly store video training series where we help many jewelers with high-impact store meetings. Each meeting comes with assisted notes and a quiz. All you need to do is give your staff the log-in code and have them hand in their quiz when they’re finished. The cost is only $150 per month per store! Jewelers love that it gives them the freedom to not have to worry about staff meetings and their staff can learn from a seasoned store management professional that’s been through every sales and management program in the jewelry business.

We want you to be successful and every part of our training is designed to improve your sales, improve the management of your store and to make you and your staff more money.

Sign up for your weekly store training meetings right HERE.


As always feel free to call or email me.    Jimmy

Jimmy DeGroot
The Jewelry Marketing Guy

50 PEOPLE SKILLS from Dale Carnegie

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Today we look at ten rules from Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. Today’s video is People Skills 101 and I think you’ll agree you can think of many people that need to see it. Your team will enjoy today’s exercise that replaces the quiz.

If you don’t currently have an account, feel free to contact me and I’ll give you a code to try out our store training videos for FREE for a month.


To watch this video please login or sign up to receive weekly store meetings.

We need your help with Brass & Glass

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Brass & Glass, Models, Sample lines….  We love the idea of not laying out a fortune to fill our showcases.  But what’s the secret to moving that product?  It seems some jewelers have it figured out and others don’t move it at all.  If you would, please take a moment to tell me your thoughts, good or bad.  And if you’re selling them like crazy, tell me why,  Then I’ll share my findings with all of you.  I DO know this, the people who are not selling would really love to know the secrets to making it sell.  So if you have something that’s working great, please share.  We all really appreciate it.

Click HERE to give me your thoughts.



How to handle objections once and for all!

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How many sales objections are there really? If you start writing them down, you could probably come up with 20. If you can think of more than that I’ll bet each additional objection is just a re-phrase of a prior one. Now yes I’m the Jewelry Marketing Guy, but your sales closing ratios are so integral to your marketing that I must bring it up. Here’s why; If you’ve ever had Shane Decker in you’re your store or heard him speak, he’ll tell you that if you provide outstanding customer customer service, you need to advertise very little. The really cool part is if you really do this, you’ll have enough cash flow that you’ll be able to afford the kind of advertising that will allow you to dominate the market.

So…. Back to objections. Here’s how to overcome them forever and double your closing ratios; Have your staff build a list of the most common sales objections. Get as many on the board as they can think of.  Then put the similar ones together and then have them come up with great responses to each of them. Run to the office supply store and pick up some big cue cards. Write the objection on one side and your great responses on the other side. Have your staff go through 5 cards per day EVERY DAY. Make this part of your 5 minute pow wow every morning. It’ll be easy and fun. Heck, make a game out of it and give the winners a caramel macchiato.  Then get out your calculator and compute what your sales would be if each person sold just one more item per day. Holy Cow! I think that’s worth a trip to Starbucks!  The answer to better sales is right in front of us.  And you can fix it with this simple daily application.
Vince Lombardi


“Winning is not a sometime thing. It is an all the time thing. You don’t do things right once in awhile… you do them right all the time.” Vince Lombardi


Start your staff on the road to consistent training with our weekly video training.   I’ll take care of the all the tedious issues that will get you winning…. all the time.  Click on here to get goin.

What a 14 year jewelry sales professional thinks about our weekly video training

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I’m so excited about these videos! The neatest part is when jewelers tell me that their profitability is going up because we are hitting on best practices for their staff.  Yup, I have a horn and I’m tootin’ it (or rather a jeweler is tootin’ it for me). This is an unsolicited (I promise) video and email from our friends Mills Jewelers in Lockport New York about our weekly store meetings.


I had a staff review meeting with Debbie this morning. She is amazing at selling with emotion, but I have been asking her to become more well versed on the technical aspects of diamonds. She needs to know as much as the engineer customer. At least she needs to be able to throw out a tidbit of information to demonstrate that she is a “jewelry professional”.
Anyway, she told me that she is learning a lot with your lessons on diamonds. She is a 13 year employee! I had been thinking that this is all review and unnecessary for our seasoned staff, but I stand corrected. This is an unlisted video just for you. It’s dark because we had the meeting before setup. The lights were still off. You can share it to others if you wish.

George E. Fritz
Owner & Graduate Gemologist (GIA)
Mills Jewelers

Sign up for your weekly store video meetings right here. Your staff can watch them on mobile phones, laptops or as a group.  All meetings come with assisted notes and a quiz. Every 15 to 20 minute meeting promotes group discussion and practice.  Find out how $149 per month can increase your closing ratios,  top-line-sales and number of items per ticket.

A Mother’s Day TV ad that makes you go “Aaawwww!”

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This is a cute TV ad we created a year ago and many jewelers loved it for their Mother’s Day promotion.  We’ll do a custom voiceover for you as well as tag it with your logo.  This is my Creative Edge partner Tony’s baby.  Her name is Hosanna and she is about the most amazing baby ever.  I heard this changes when they grow up.

All Because of Mother from Creative Edge Productions on Vimeo.

You can order this ad directly on the Creative Edge Ads website right here: Creative Edge Ads

Have a Host with the Mostess

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walmart greeter
I’ve just been secret shopping in about a dozen jewelry stores in the south and all but one have broken the number one rule of great salesmanship. Greet the customer with a warm smile within a few seconds of  walking in the store. Heck, Wal-Mart seems to think it’s a good idea. Nobody was in that beautiful greeting zone which is about 10 to 20 feet from the front door. They were all perched in the back, busy with…. I don’t care what. It’s no coincidence that these stores also did not show up on the marketing radar in this market. They’re just mosy-ing along wondering why sales aren’t happening, trying to make payroll.

I can’t stress enough the basic principle of welcoming people to your store. You don’t sit in your kitchen at home and wait for people to peek around the corner to get up and greet them, so don’t let it happen in your jewelry store. Create a comfortable place for your staff to work on inventory and computer projects, make phone calls and be able to be in that zone to greet the customer. Also, make it a safe zone for them to carefully place the inventory they’re pricing when a customer arrives.

Also, create an “Up” system where you take turns working with customers with a person “on deck”. That person is the helper when the first person is busy, offering to clean jewelry and offer beverages. This way you have a fair system of sales rotation but more importantly it serves the purpose of providing superior sales service. That means more sales closed.

A few changes in your daily operations and marketing can mean huge increases in sales. Give me a call. I love helping jewelers find boatloads of untapped cash. 920-492-1191.