#204 – Caseline Logic (Bridal Display) Larry Johnson

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Larry Johnson is the guru of jewelry case design, layout and display. This is a 50 minute video of his presentation from the Smart Show in Chicago. Have a big notebook for notes on this talk. put these practices into action for more profitable showcases. 

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One Response to #204 – Caseline Logic (Bridal Display) Larry Johnson

  1. Ben Whidby


    I thought this was very interesting information. However the one area that I do not agree with but I understand why is mixing your alloy metals rings in trays with my rings. The problem with this is the alloy rings all have CZ’s in the and it could be that the one beside that is all diamonds. This could be very confusing to the customer as well as putting an uneasy felling that they are not sure if they are buying diamonds or cz. How ever I might remove my “La Vie” display and put them in my elements but still keep them separate. What are your thoughts? Call me if you like to discuss further 706-752-0105.